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Lower the Load to Prevent Cancer

Lower the Load to Prevent Cancer

By The Chalkboard Magazine

SCIENCE PROVES THAT juicing has powerful health benefits, but we’re talking with Dr. Lisa Davis of Pressed Juicery’s Medical Board about how sugar fits into the equation.

How is Glycemic Index measured?

Following the international standard method, the GI value of a food is determined by feeding 10 or more healthy people a portion of the food containing 50 grams of digestible (available) carbohydrate and then measuring the effect on their blood glucose levels over the next two hours. 

Foods with a high GI score contain rapidly digested carbohydrate, which produces a large rapid rise and fall in the level of blood glucose. In contrast, foods with a low GI score contain slowly digested carbohydrate, which produces a gradual, relatively low rise in the level of blood glucose.

For more information on GI testing go to www.glycemicindex.com

Why follow a low GI diet.

An easy way to ensure you are ticking the healthy eating box is to follow a low GI diet – whether you are looking to improve your general health, have sustained energy or help prevent or manage a specific health condition, a low GI diet can help you do just that.

Glycemic index

Manage Diabetes - Research has proven that a healthy low GI diet helps people with diabetes (type 1 and type 2) manage their blood glucose levels, blood cholesterol levels and reduce insulin resistance – which is important for reducing the risk of long term diabetes related complications.

Heart Health

A low GI diet can improve heart health by:

  • Helping to reduce post-meal blood glucose levels, improving the elasticity of blood vessel walls and blood flow
  • Improving blood cholesterol levels An analysis of 28 randomised controlled trials provided high-level evidence that high-fibre, low GI diets can significantly reduce total and LDL cholesterol levels, independent of weight loss. 
  • Reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, a chronic disease affecting blood vessels, by reducing inflammation
  • Aiding abdominal fat reduction (see healthy weight)

Eye Health

Growing evidence suggests that a healthy low GI diet can prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of blindness in Australia. High GI diets have been associated with an increased risk of early onset AMD.

Sustained Energy Levels

Did you know that your blood glucose levels play an important role in how energised you feel?

High GI foods provide a quick burst of energy where as low GI foods provide longer-lasting energy. 

Low GI foods are broken down slowly, trickling glucose into your system over time, providing a stable energy level. On the other hand, high GI foods cause a sudden spike in your blood glucose, which leads to peaks and troughs in energy.


These are just some of the reasons why  one needs to be on a low glycemic diet. The best way to increase intake of low glycemic food is by drinking juices. Plants and especially vegetables have the lowest glycemic levels. Cold pressing plants is one of the best way to get all the nutrients from the plants  without subjecting it to any heat.

Lets get on to a low glycemic diet this month until November to enable us to combat the deadliest epidemic of cancer . Cancer is wide spread and more and more people affected by it and losing lives due to it.  We are no doctors, We however know that correct nutrition can generally make s healthy and there are enough studies to prove that.

The glycemic load of our diet relates to cancer. Want a list of studies? (References here)

  • A prospective cohort study in Italy reported a positive association between breast cancer risk and high-glycemic index diets as well as high dietary glycemic loads.
  • A prospective study in Canada found that postmenopausal women with high overall dietary glycemic index values were at increased risk of breast cancer
  • A prospective study in the U.S. found that premenopausal women with high overall dietary glycemic index values and low levels of physical activity were at increased risk of breast cancer.
  • Higher dietary glycemic loads were associated with moderately increased risk of colorectal cancer in a prospective study of U.S. men
  • One meta-analysis of case-control and cohort studies suggested that glycemic index and glycemic load were positively associated with colorectal cancer.
  • Two separate meta-analyses reported that high dietary glycemic loads were associated with increased risk of endometrial cancer.

Low Glycemic Juice

We are running a 7 day Juice Detox Cleanse challenge with partner nutrition and Health coach Victoria  Tipper from Victoria-tipper.com. Encouraging every one to take some step in making low glycemic juices a part of your diet either by doing a detox or by adding one low glycemic juice in your diet each day or doing both. We have made it easy for you. Below is what you will be getting:

  • Tailor made juices
  • Bespoke Plans
  • Personalized customer service
  • Consultation with Victoria Tipper after the Cleanse.

Each day you will consume six bottles of low glycemic juices of 475 ml each of different flavors in every 2 hours. Hydrate a lot. Every bottle is labelled numerically. 

Lets make the  change today.



Victoria Tipper

Victoria Tipper offers Consultation Post Cleanse only for AED 400 extra.

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