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The new trend in health and Weight loss- Morning Celery juices.

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The health industry is full of potions and miracles to “melt” belly fat, give abundant energy, enhance digestive health and make skin glow. The question is, which products really work, and perhaps more importantly, have actual science behind their claims?

A new contender in the market is celery juice. It’s trending on social media sites, in health food stores and in coffee shop conversations as the latest cure to anything that ails you. 


Celery is awesome. That’s because it’s a plant, and every plant has benefits. Literally every single plant. If it comes from a tree, the ground (that’s where celery is grown), or a bush, you can be sure that it will be linked to improvements in your health. Celery contains impressive amounts of vitamin C and K, as well as folate and potassium, and studies show that celery may help to fight against cancer and liver disease,  reduce inflammation  (especially for brain-related diseases) and boost cardio vascular health.

There are various benefits of drinking celery juice. It is lauded for its purported benefits for skin health, gut health, and medicinal properties and some people even claim that it helps treat acne. It will help you to remove toxins from the body, as the celery juice is low in sugar and an excellent replacement for sugary beverages that come in low glycemic diets and decrease acne.

Celery contains flavonoids (powerful phytonutrients with antioxidant properties) that are abundant in numerous plants. With only 7 calories, 1/2 gram of fiber and less than 1 gram of sugar per rib, celery can also be a smart addition to any  weight loss plan. So, if celery can help shed pounds and fight disease as studies show, then the juice should too, right? Not so fast.


In fact, consuming straight celery juice for health works so well for people, that they have been able to set aside their daily medication and turn to this juice instead as celery juice has medicinal properties (Although, on the flip side – people with low blood pressure may need to be wary. Celery juice has also been known to cause some interesting bowel movements, let’s just say)


  In case you’re never tried celery juice for health and wondering what celery juice actually tastes like – salty. Often described as a lot saltier than you’d imagine and sometimes bitter. This definitely changes over time, as taste buds adapt and change to the flavour.

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