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7 Days Immunity Boosting Juice Cleanse

7 Days Immunity Boosting Juice Cleanse.

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The 7 Days Weight Loss & Immune Boosting Cleanse is not only nourishing, but It will also make your body alkaline and enhance weight loss.

A comprehensive plan of 6 juices each day will be sent to you. Each juice will be having close to 1.5 Kg of plants in them. Each day.

You will consume six bottles of 475ml. A total of 8 Kgs of plants go in your body each day.



A nourishing cleanse for beginners with 844 calories each day.


Based on ancient Indian science of herbs, the cleanse heals you from inside. The cleanse packs 750 calories each day.


This cleanse is heavily vegetable-based with only 640 calories each day.


Very intense. Only 350 calories a day. Heavily green juices.

Our client service team will send you a questionnaire and based on the answers, we will create a tailor-made plan to suit your goal. The plan will be a mix of all the 4 cleanses based on your goal so that it allows your body gradually to move from a mild to a strong to a stronger level of detox towards the end of the course.

Try and keep an interval of 2 hours between each juice. Every juice is numbered. That will be your food, So eat the juice, Chew it. Slowly!

Drink a lot of hot water or warm water. Hydration is key during the cleanse. Consume 3 liters of water if you can.

In case you get hungry ( which may not happen as you will consume 3 liters of juices in a day), You can still bite on salads, nuts, fruits, vegetable sticks, soups, broth. Any thing plant-based. Add rock salt if you want the juices to taste better and use a straw to sip them. You can separately purchase our 5 pack soups to fill you up.

Our client service team will be in touch with you on Whatsapp and take this further.

If deliveries are delayed please eat something plant based.

How do I prepare for my cleanse?

How to bounce back after cleanse?

Before doing any plan with us, we will send you a questionnaire to check if the selected plan is right one . Many times we need a thorough cleaning before we start any plan. Your selected plan may then be altered to a mix of a few plans or a completely different plan than what you chose. Please go ahead and order the plan, still, allow us to send you a questionnaire. 😁

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I liked the cleanse it has helped in my weight loss objective. I have lost around 4kgs.

Ibrahim Al-Khoori
Weight loss

This plan is great as I have lost 3.9kg in the first week. I will continue the 1 month program with pleasure.

Great shop

Great shop. I love organic products!!!