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5 +1 day +6 pack punch- Low Sugar  and Weight loss

5 +1 day +6 pack punch- Low Sugar and Weight loss

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Low Sugar Weight loss Soup and Juice Cleanse

Weight loss Cleanse with High Fiber & Low Glycemic ingredients.

Soup relies primarily on vegetables and so it’s super low on the glycemic scale, and it’s packed with fiber, which makes it pretty filling.

All the soups and juices are gluten-free, dairy-free, 100 percent vegan and plant based.

Our new Vegetable Soup and Juice Cleanse is the first step towards a long-lasting lifestyle change or jumpstart to a weight loss regimen.

Soup and Juice Detox is highly recommended for people with elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure and those suffering from auto immune diseases.

The 5-day Soup and Juice Cleanse is ideal for rejiggering not-so-great eating habits or reintroducing good food into your diet after a weekend or a holiday.

"Soup & Juice Cleanse"

Keeps you fuller for longer with more energy to train during the cleanse.

Provides you with a full injection of antioxidants.

Keeps your body warmer, which helps burn more calories & reduces cranky cravings.

Reduces body fat and reduces your body’s cravings for process food.

It is a proper cleanse that supports the body’s innate detoxification And soup is a good way to deliver nutrients, as the food does not have to be digested and it’s easier on the digestive system.


How to have our soup and juice cleanse

Day 1

When you wake up: Lukewarm water with a splash of fresh lemon juice.

8-9 am.: Braniac - Spinach, cucumber, lemon, ginger, apple.

10:30-11:30 am.: Carrot ginger soup - Blended Carrots, Coconut Milk, Onion, Ginger, Lemon, Olive Oil, Garlic, Cumin, Sea Salt and Black Pepper.

1-2 pm.: Celery juice - Celery, lemon.

3-4 pm.: Split pea soup - Split peas, Onion, Carrots, Celery, Sea Salt,Garlic, Black Pepper, Water.

5-6 pm.: After party - Beetroots, carrots, lemon, ginger, apple.

6-8 pm.: Butternut Squash soup - Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato, Onion, Car rot, Black Pepper,Bay Leaf, Salt, Water.

Day 2

When you wake up: Lukewarm water with a splash of fresh lemon juice.

8-9 am.: Celery juice - Celery, lemon,

10:30-11:30 am.: Pumpkin Coconut soup - Pumpkin, Red Onion, Coconut Milk, Olive Oil, Red Pepper Flakes, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Nutmeg, Chilli powder.

1-2 pm.: Dynamo- Spinach, kale, rockets, apple, lemon.

3-4 pm.: Tomato Gazpacho -Tomatoes, Celery, Green pepper, garlic, apple cider vinegar, green onions, cumin, sea salt, pepper, Cucumber.

5-6 pm.: Beet a licious - Beets, carrots, cherries, lime, Filtered water.

6-8 pm.: Detox broth- Cremini Mushrooms, Broccoli, Carrots, Onion, Sea salt, Olive Oil, Garlic, Ginger, Cumin, Water.

Day 3

When you wake up: Lukewarm water with a splash of fresh lemon juice.

8-9 am.: Sweet kale - Kale, lemon, apple.

10:30-11:30 am.: Cauliflower Potato Chowder - This soup contains Cauliflower, Potatoes, onions, celery, curry powder, rosemary, black pepper, coconut milk, lemon.

1-2 pm.: Citrus 3 - Grapefruit, Orange, Mint.

3-4 pm.: Leek and Celery Soup - This soup contains Leeks, Celery root, garlic, lemon, onions, Olive oil.

5-6 pm.: Celery juice - Celery, lemon.

6-8 pm.: Butternut Squash Soup - Butternut Squash, Sweet potato, Onions, carrots, black pepper, bay leaf, Salt, Water.

Day 4

When you wake up: Lukewarm water with a splash of fresh lemon juice.

8-9 am.: Braniac - Spinach, cucumber, lemon, ginger, apple.

10:30-11:30 am.: Kalefornia Dreamin- Kale, Potatoes, Onions, Leeks, Salt, Pepper.

1-2 pm.: After party - Beetroot, carrot, ginger, lemon, apple.

3-4 pm.: Moroccan Lentil Soup- Tomatoes, Chickpeas, Onions, Red Lentils, Tomato Paste, Celery, Parsley, Turmeric, Ginger, Corriander, Apple Cider Vinegar, Black Pepper, Bed Chilli, Cloves, Bay Leaf, Cardamom.

5-6 pm.: Celery juice - Celery, lemon.

6-8 pm.: Parsnip Apple Puree- Parsnips, Apple, Celery, Olive oil, Apple Cider, Apple, Cinnamon, Salt, Cayenne Pepper.

Day 5

When you wake up: Lukewarm water with a splash of fresh lemon juice.

8-9 am.: Dynamo - Spinach, Parsley, Celery, Kale, Apple, Lemon.

10:30-11:30 am.: I Yam who I Yam Roasted Yam, Spring Onion, Fennel, Turmeric, Ginger, All Spice, Cardamom.

1-2 pm.: Pure Green- Spinach, kale, courgettes, broccoli, lemon, apple.

3-4 pm.: Coconut me Thai- Sweet Potato, Red Curry Pastem Coconut Milk, Onion, Lemongrass.

5-6 pm.: Celery Juice - Celery,Lemon.

6-8 pm.: Healing Veggie Broth- Kal, Celery, Parsley, Thyme, Fennel, Leeks, Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper.

If deliveries are delayed please eat something plant based.

How do I prepare for my cleanse?

How to bounce back after cleanse?

Customer Reviews

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Emma K.

The cleanse was great thanks. I did meet my goal and lost just over 3kg. Was happy to see the result. Thanks!

Vishal Sorathiya

I was happy with your juices and soups. The customer service and delivery too was as per expectations. Pricing too was reasonable. Good luck with future growth.

7-Day Skinny Detox

Was disappointed that the items supplied were not as advertised. At first I thought it was just one day and I could overlook it but it turned out to be daily. Although I did voice it out to the Team but I continued receiving, not the same items as advertised.

I give credit to the delivery. On time and also flexible when I need them to come at a certain time.

Lidia Francesca Piazzini

I’m very happy with the program


It was good in general. In terms of weight loss yes we lost 2kg plus this was not only our target we felt lighter and that's good. Service was good, people taking care of our account was so helpful and understanding. Thank you so much!