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Go to Greens Pack

Go to Greens Pack

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Whether you’re recovering from an overindulgent weekend or looking to replace sugary snacking, Go-To Greens has you covered. This GoOrganic Wellness Pack includes ten nutrient-dense, 250 ml green juices.

How to Use:
In conjunction with food, we recommend drinking our green juices over a 5-day period to help detox or replace unhealthy habits.

Consume two juices per day on an empty stomach, preferably one first thing in the morning and another in between meals.



 2 bottles of Braniac - Spinach, Cucumbers, lemon, ginger, apple.

2 bottles of Dynamo- Spinach, Parsley, Celery, Kale, Apple, Lemon, Dandelion greens.

2 bottles of Sweet kale- Kale, Lemon, apple.

2 bottles of Pure Green- Spinach, Cucumber,Parsley,Arabic Courgettes,Fennel ,Apple.

2 bottles of Bhakti-aloevera, coconut water, cucumbers,  apple, Pineapple, mint , Brain tonic,lemon. WITH ADDED TRIPHALA.