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30 Morning Celery juices for Aed 599 only PLUS EXTRA 10 FREE.

30 Morning Celery juices for Aed 599 only PLUS EXTRA 10 FREE.

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Ingredients- Celery and Lemon

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How valuable is Celery juice? and why should be it in your new morning ritual?

Thousands of celery juice fans can't stop raving about how fantastic they feel after adding celery juice to their daily morning routine. Celery juice is amazing for your gut health, skin, reducing inflammation, boosting energy, reduce cravings, and so much more. Drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for the fastest results.


Hidden within that green stalk is a gold mine of potent nutrients , anti oxidants and anti inflammatory agents. And when celery is juiced, the nutrients are easily absorbed. It may be green, Still, to your body it is like gold. Some people say that " The celery juice is such a great boost each morning- better than my old cup of joe." . Some one else say" Excellence in a bottle". Below are some of the key benefits- 

 Celery has  got Vitamins,key minerals and is anti inflammatory, which accelerates Weight loss. Its like your body struck gold.
  • Sports drinks tend to be sugary. But Celery juice hydrates with electrolytes.
  • Celery juice has essential Vitamins plus magnesium and potassium.
Its green, And yet, as valuable as gold. Have one first thing in the morning. 

 So, if you Want to melt belly fat, give abundant energy, enhance digestive health and make skin glow.  Morning Celery juice is what your waist lines will be raving about. Celery juices contain Vitamins, Fibre and are anti inflammatory. Better than your morning cup of Coffee. Only 7 calories, 1/2 gram fibre and less than one gram sugar, Celery juice is a smart addition to your weight loss plan.

Want more benefits- 



When you provide your body with a high concentration of the vitamins and minerals it craves, it allows your body to do what it wants to do- easily let go of excess weight and bloating.


A healthy body begins in the gut and raw juices are an excellent source of gut-healthy enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics.


Each blend is loaded with energizing vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes, the worker-bees that do all of the hard work of digestion, giving your body a much needed rest.


Replenish your body's electrolyte and hydration needs naturally without sugary sports drinks.