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Fitness packs

Fitness packs

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Each Bottle contains 475ml of organic juice.

About pack

2 bottles Braniac

2 bottles After party

1 bottle black lemonade

1 bottle almond mylk

The coldpressed Fitness Juice Pack offers the ideal nutrients and minerals to energise your body pre-workout and heal naturally during the post-workout phase. This juice pack is the perfect addition to a healthy wholefoods diet, which you should incorporate daily.

Drink these juices in order to benefit from the overall nutrient content of the different vegetables and fruits that they contain. The complete package makes an awesome quick start for fitness nutrition. When first embarking on a new exercise programm it's often hard to know and plan what to eat and when. These juices really help make it easier to fuel your body well before training or to aid recovery afterwards. High quality juices like these are an important part of my personal regime and I recommend them to my clients as well.


The juices are cold pressed and have to be consumed within 3 days only. The juices have to be consumed in 2 days.

They can be used as breakfast, lunch and dinner replacement. Ideally, Break fast Juice is Braniac, Lunch would be After Party and Dinner would be Cashew Milk the first day and Lemonade , the second.

If this is too hard to follow, You can replace the breakfast and dinner only with with Braniac and After Party for first two days and consume Lemonade as Breakfast and Cashew Milk for dinner for third day.

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