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New Mummy Juice pack

New Mummy Juice pack

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Each Bottle contains 475ml of organic juice.

About pack

2 bottles Dynamo juice

2 bottles Classic green juice Braniac

2 bottles Green gravity glow

Dynamo Juice - Kale, spinach,celery,parsley,apple,lemon, dandelion green.All the produce is freshly harvested and then pressed to perfection.

The juice contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds which reduce unwanted free radical reactions. The juice is loaded with flavonoids which act as antioxidants helping to regenerate the body.

Braniac - This juice rehydrates and nourishes the body, repairing, rebuilding and creating the best quality milk.It is packed full of Chlorophyll rich leafy ingredients which helps rebuild and replenish red blood cells. The juice helps to promote lactation and clear toxins nourishing the body after birth.

Gravity Glow -This juice rehydrates and nourishes the body, helps to rebuild and nourish the body and rebuild the damaged tissue.It also helps to boost energy and well being almost instantly exactly what new mothers need.

Our New Mummy Juice Pack is the perfect addition to a healthy balanced wholefoods diet while breastfeeding giving you optimal nutrition.

The Juice Pack will give you and your baby a nutrient boost. Its specially formulated green juices will also help your liver to cleanse itself. As many new mothers find out, adding green juices to a clean, organic, mostly plant-based diet greatly improves milk quality and makes for healthy babies.The juices are rich in vital minerals and are rich in phyto nutrients, folic acid and iron supplying nutrients to both you and your baby.They contain bio- available calcium rich ingredients,one of the most important nutrients you will need while you are breast feeding,All the juices are nutrient dense, low in calories,high in nutrition , vitamins and minerals providing you and your baby with powerful plant compounds.


The juices are cold pressed and have to be consumed within 3 days only. The juices have to be consumed in 2 days.

They can be used as breakfast, lunch and dinner replacement. Ideally, Break fast Juice is Braniac, Lunch would be Dynamo and Dinner would be Gravity Glow.

If this is too hard to follow, You can replace the breakfast and dinner only with with Braniac and Dynamo for first two days and consume Gravity Glow as Breakfast and dinner for third day.

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