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The Beauty Juice Pack

The Beauty Juice Pack

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Each Bottle contains 475ml of organic juice.

About pack

2 bottles Gravity glow

2 bottles Braniac

1 bottle After party

1 bottle black  lemonade

One of the biggest improvements ANY ONE can have in their skin has been from incorporating organic green juices into your day, everyday. This selection of juices in GoOrganic Beauty Juice pack  goes even further by including all your favourite nutrients for skin. Ingredients like spinach, lemons, cucmbers are particularly good for the digestive system where all good skin health starts. Carrots and beetroot give the skin a super-charged boost of beta-carotene and Vitamin C - essential for collagen production. Spinach contain Vitamin E which can help protect your skin from free radical damage and premature ageing. This is the perfect gift for all beauty and skincare junkies so they can take care of their skin from the inside out. It also has the black lemonade or Dnyan Ayurveda which is excellent for detoxing.


The juices are cold pressed and have to be consumed within 3 days only. 

They can be used as breakfast, lunch and dinner replacement. Ideally, Break fast Juice is Gravity Glow, Lunch would be Braniac and Dinner would be After party for the first day and  Pink Lemonade, the next day.

If this is too hard to follow, You can replace the breakfast and dinner only with with Glow and Braniac for first two days and consume  Black Lemonade as Breakfast and After Party as dinner for third day.