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Keto Meal Shake

Presenting the range of best meal replacement shakes in Dubai, with a variety of choices and delicious flavors. These keto meal shakes are loaded with math amounts of ratios of fat to protein to carbs that will help you to stay fit and active. Currently available in three distinct flavors like Cinnamon Chai, Vanilla Praline and Chocolate Mocha.

Counting carbs, counting ours is easy. Our Keto Meal Shakes has only 2 carbs. The healthy fat in our keto meal shakes comes from MCT oil and coconuts. And Chocolate Mocha Vanilla Praline and Cinnamon Chai are a delicious reward for staying on the keto diet.

Select the ketogenic meal shake from our collection as a single pack or check out the different combinations of keto meal shakes below.

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