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Plant Powered Meal in a Bottle

Perfect Plant based Nutrition, No matter what your diet.

When you are on the go and your schedule comes in the way of nutritious meal,When you want healthy meal which is plant powered and nutrient dense, when you cant carry your knives and forks, when you want to stay full for hours, You have our MEAL IN A BOTTLE.

How do MEAL IN A BOTTLE fuel you?

MEAL IN A BOTTLE is plant powered and nutrient dense with 1.5 Kg of plant produce in every single bottle . Our juices are packed with plant based proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and PURE plant energy. The MEAL IN A BOTTLE are nutritionally balanced to deliver any thing you need- just grab-and-go.Prep time? Oh, Its just one twist of a cap.


You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health for the sake of convenience. We made MEAL IN A BOTTLE after meticulous research into what makes a full, balanced meal and how to get all the nutrients you need into a nifty portable bottle. We also made it taste good. Our EIGHT different blends of bioavailable proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fats keep you going through even the busiest days.

And because we realize that nutrition isn’t one-size-fits-all, we offer eight different formulas to support different lifestyles.

Below are the MEALS IN A BOTTLE.

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