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About us

Meenaxy Vashishtha

Go Organic MEs story began with a fire. A fire in my stomach to change things. After becoming a mother of two beautiful boys, I wanted to give the best for my boys. Being holistic and spiritually inclined, my passion towards healthy and Organic eating has been there since childhood. At that time, there was just one organic store in Dubai and there was no option of local, Organic produce then.

My husband's friend works in the Agriculture department and realised the gap in it.

This is how Go Organic ME was born, born out of pure passion of helping people. Initially I freelanced, connected with the farms, made Boxes, did deliveries etc

Yet, I realised that proper Organic farming was not practiced in the country. So we formed a Company, worked with some farms in partnership and ensured all was done 100% Organic. And then, We started growing!

We now supply over 200 Boxes a week and more than 20 local businesses. Our produce is freshly harvested daily. But I didn't feel like I was really connecting with the people. I wasn't helping open their eyes or change their habits. I know some entrepreneurs can and have connected with people, but it just wasn't working for me.

I looked at solar, water, wind, and a few other things. I got together with a college buddy and we started brainstorming businesses that we thought would really make a difference in the world. Nothing was jumping out at us until we started digging into our food system. That's when it hit us. There had to be a better way! Disease, allergies, health issues growing as fast as our waistlines. Something was broken. It didn't take long to see that it wasn't just something, it was everything. And this was something so fundamental that we'd all die without it. I found it hard to understand how we had gotten to where we were. So we spent months researching, interviewing, and testing ideas of how to play a role in fixing the food system.That's when juicing and detoxing was born. Built from the ground up around the simple idea that people needed a way to get fresh, nutritious food and we needed to do it in a way that did not damage our environment.

Go Organic ME started a line of cold-pressed juices and energy boosting cleanses. Every product we make blends cutting-edge nutrition with healing traditional Medicine to offer you deeply healing cleanses and edibles that taste as delicious as they are effective.

After juicing for over a decade, I witnessed dramatic changes in patients after 3-5 days—a transformative experience that underscored her understanding of the healing benefits of live, raw foods.I began experimenting and creating live, raw foods, salad dressings, and wholesome juices as the genesis of Go Organic ME .

Born by popular demand, Go Organic ME morphed into a focused juice business as the clients reported they didn’t have time to wash and produce juice.