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Shopping with Tabby

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  • What is Tabby?

Tabby offers safe, simple and convenient payment options that allow you to buy the things you love now, and pay later, interest-free. 


  • How does it work?

Easy, you simply apply for Tabby at a partner store checkout and confirm your purchase with a 4-digit SMS PIN sent to your mobile. 


  • How old to I have to be to use Tabby?

You need to be at least 18 years of age to be able to use Tabby. 


  • Why is my national ID required?

We ask for your ID the first time you register with Tabby. It helps us verify that it's really you who's signing up, and not someone else. Rest assured, we keep all your information safe and secure with bank-level security measures and 128-bit encryption. 


  • Are there any fees?

We do not charge any interest or additional fees unless stated otherwise. 


  • How much can I spend with Tabby?

As soon as you pay for your first purchase, you are given a credit limit with Tabby which you can use for future purchases. You can check your limit in your profile. 


  • Why wasn't I approved?

Tabby may not approve your application due to one of the following reasons:
- We were not able to verify your identity.
- You may have missed a required field at the checkout, such as your full delivery address.
- You may have outstanding payments on previous Tabby invoices.
- You may want to place an order for a smaller amount.