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Q. What is cold-pressing?

A. We cold press, hydraulically, after grinding or cutting our produce into a fine pulp. Then we apply thousands of pounds of pressure to the pulp extracting every ounce of juice that the fruit or vegetable has to give. This results in your receiving the most nutritional value possible.

Q. Why does the juice sometimes look or taste slightly different?

A. Our juices are handcrafted in individual batchers, so variations may occur at certain times.Go Organic ME juices have no natural additives, and only additives can prevent the natural settling process.Just shake your juice! Juices that contain ginger may have white specs at the bottom of the bottle. which are nothing but ginger sediment, which naturally settle at the bottom of the bottle. Juices with apples usually vary in color. Depending on the harvest and growing seasons, apples have various amounts of polyphenols,anti oxidants and enzymes, which inturn , causes differences in the colouration of the juices.Because we use the freshest ingredients all times of the year, the juice can vary in colour each time you purchase.

Q. How many calories are in each juice cleanse?

A. Each level offers between 615 - 1070 calories. Please bear in mind that calorie counts calories with raw foods and juice are not equivalent to calorie counts on a regular cooked and/or processed foods. Nothing is wasted here, as the body knows how to assimilate all the calories in raw live foods, whereas a regular diet of 2,000 calories for example, might only have about 1200 usable calories and the rest is "wasted" or stored as fat. We do try to encourage all our clients to move away from calorie oriented thinking, as it's really no comparison. We try to focus on the nutritional content as opposed to the calorie content . We are more about nutrition and flooding your body with enzymes.

Q. How do I prepare for my juice cleanse?

A. In the days leading up to a cleanse, follow our recommendations and avoiding certain fatty foods and toxins to prepare your body to get the most out of your cleanse. If you tend to have a healthy diet, eating organic fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, organic meats and eggs and drinking 8 glasses of water a day, with the occasional glass of wine, you should be fine doing a 3-day preparation. Read our How to Cleanse to get more information.

Q. How do I carry out the Go Organic ME Juice Cleanse?

A. Each day you drink six 16oz juices instead of your regular meals and snacks. All of the juices are labeled 1- 6. First thing in the morning begin your day with warm glass of filtered water and juice of ½ a lemon. Begin the first juice of the day around 9.30-10am with juice marked "#1". In between each juice you want to sip water. It is best to leave an hour to an hour and a half in between each juice.

Q. Can I eat during my juice cleanse?

A. It's up to you. We recommend a 100% juice cleanse, if possible, because eating slows down the cleansing process. If you feel that you need to eat during your cleanse, choose organic fruits, vegetables or soaked nuts and seeds.

Q. Why should I do a juice cleanse?

A. Juicing is a great opportunity to enhance your immediate and long-term health, no matter what shape your body is in. Juicing can help you lose weight, brighten your skin and support your body in healing from injury and disease. Doing a cleanse gives your digestive system a rest, allowing your body to put the energy normally used for digestion into detoxification, recovery and healing. Juicers usually experience an influx of energy, clarity, relaxation and joy. Because you're ingesting a consistent amount of calories throughout the day, rather than in big meals, your energy levels will stabilize; i.e., no more post-lunch comas! Juicing is also a great way to strengthen your immune system and gain more nutrients than you likely normally would by eating solid foods.

Q. When is a good time to cleanse?

A. The optimal time to cleanse is when you can create the best circumstances to support your cleanse. Do your cleanse when you have some free time to reflect or rest, uphold your willpower and create intention around your cleanse. In addition, cleansing is a great time to re-affirm your commitments to your health and to your life. Set yourself up for success: ask your friends and family to support you and cut out time for reflection and relaxation. Cleansing with a friend or family member is another great way to get supported. We believe in you!

Q. How often can I do a cleanse?

A. This depends on your health goals! You can do it as often as you like! Sometimes people will opt for 1 Day a Week to maintain healthy lifestyles. Often people will do a cleanse monthly, or even seasonally to help their bodies transition through the seasons!

Q. Can I go longer than a 7-day cleanse?

A. Absolutely! You can cleanse for any duration of time. The longer the cleanse, the longer your body has to relax and heal itself. In addition, cleanses often get easier the longer you do them, with the first day or two being the most difficult.

Q. Can I exercise during my cleanse?

A. Yes, but we do suggest limiting yourself to light exercise, such as walks, yoga, stretching, etc. Your energy levels will change when you're on a cleanse, so check in with your body before exercising.

Q. Can I get a different juice each day?

A. Absolutely! You can experiment with different cleanses as you please. We do suggest starting with the Signature and moving your way up to the Super Green, but it's ultimately up to you!

Q. Are Go Organic ME products available by subscription?

A. Yes, customers can purchase cleanses and kits on a subscription basis, at a reduced price. To take advantage of this offer, select the Cleanse of your choice, click the ‘Subscription’ button, and decide how often and on what dates you would like to receive your order. If the button does not work write to us on info@goorganic.me.

Q. Are Go Organic ME juices Organic and Non-GMO?

A. Yes. Our complete line of beverages are USDA certified Organic. All of our products are also Non-GMO and certified by the Non-GMO project.

Q. I want your juices carried at my local store. How do I suggest to them that they carry it?

A. Visit the customer service desk at your local store and request to speak to the person in charge. You can suggest they reach out to our sales team who can be contacted at info@goorganic.me.

Q. Can my kids drink Go Organic ME juices?

A. Of course! We’ve designed the taste profiles so that kids love the juices too.

Q. What’s the environmental impact?

A. We maintain a low carbon footprint by sourcing locally. As a result of being organic, our farms are pesticide and herbicide-free. The containers that we provide our juices in are PETE #1 plastic bottles which are recyclable.

Q. Why don’t you use glass bottles? And are your plastic bottles BPA free?

A. Interestingly plastic are a better choice for us than glass for the following reasons:
Plastic uses considerably less energy than glass to be recycled.
It is dramatically lighter than other bottle options, which means less fuel is used to create and deliver each bottle.
All Go Organic ME Juice bottles are 100% BPA free.

Q. What is Cold pressure?

A. Cold Pressure, also known as High Pressure Processing (HPP) retains food quality, maintains natural freshness, and extends microbiological shelf life without heating to high temperatures. After our juice is bottled, a high level of cold pressure is applied evenly to destroy pathogens and ensure the juice is safe to drink while preserving vitamins, enzymes and nutrients.

Q. Is your juicer the same as my blender?

A. Actually, they are not the same. We cold press, hydraulically. First we grind or cut the produce into a fine pulp. Then we apply thousands of pounds of pressure to the pulp extracting every ounce of juice that the fruit or vegetable has to give. This results in you receiving the most nutritional value possible. A traditional blender uses high speed to spin and often times heats the product. As a result of having the skin liquefied your body still needs to break it down to digest thereby limiting what you can quickly receive into your bloodstream.

Q. Where is your production facility?

A. We make our juices in Green Community, DIP 1.

Q. How should I store my juice?

A. Keep it chilled in the fridge until you’re ready to consume it.

Q. Can I drink your juices if I am a diabetic?

A. While you should check with your doctor first, the answer is usually “yes” because of the amount of natural sugar in the fruit that is used to make our juices. Our Signature Juice Cleanse is low Glycemic and low sugar. Still, Please check with your doctor before you start.

Q. Can I drink Go Organic ME juices if I am lactose intolerant?

A. Of course! All Go Organic ME juices are dairy-free.

Q. Can I drink Go Organic ME juices if I am on a Gluten-free diet?

A. Yes, again! All of our juices are gluten-free.

Q. I’ve heard fiber is good for you and these juices don’t have much fiber.

A. Fiber is great for regulating and cleaning out your digestive tract. However there is a significant energy expenditure that your body undergoes when it has to separate juice from fiber. By drinking cold-pressured juices, your body gives your digestive tract a break.

Q. Do you sponsor athletes?

A. At this time, we do not sponsor athletes.

Q. Do you offer group discounts?

A. If you are interested in doing a 3 day Juice Cleanse program with more than 3 people. please contact info@goorganic.me.

Q. Are you a publicly traded company?

A. Go Organic ME is a privately owned company and we are not looking for investors at this time.

During the Cleanse


Q. So, there will be instructions in it right?

A. Of course, we send a prep email to everyone prior to their cleanse.

Q. Can I have seltzer or sparkling water?

A. Seltzer will contribute gas to your system, so it’s not ideal – but if it’s going to save you from drinking “other” beverages – it’s not a bad option.

Q. Can I drink Diet Coke?

A. That’s a solid ‘No’. We don’t recommend it during a cleanse, and we actually don’t recommend it ever :-) Try to drink water with lemon or herbal or green tea instead.

Q. Can I bring my juice with me on an airplane?

A. Your juice can be checked with your baggage and MUST have two ice packs inside the cooler bag, but is not recommended if your juice will be out of the refrigerator for more than 8 hours.

Q. Can I sweeten my tea?

A. If you MUST just use a very small amount and ONLY use agave nectar, which is what we use in our cleanse – it’s all-natural and won’t spike your blood sugar like other sweeteners.

Q. Will I get light-headed if I’m not eating solid food?

A. On the contrary, one's mind becomes clearer and one's ability to solve problems enhances. This is because instead of large amounts of blood and nervous energies being sent to the digestive organs to break down a meal, that extra blood, oxygen, and energy is sent and utilized by the brain.

Q. How long can my juices last?

A. You should consume your juice within 3days after you receive it. It's super fresh, completely raw and never heated.

Q. What order am I supposed to drink my juices in? Do I drink all the number 1’s first, etc?

A. NO. But that would be kind of funny. You drink 6 bottles/day and those bottles are labeled 1 through 6. For example: Day one: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Day two: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Day three: 1, 2, 3,4, 5, and 6

Q. W Does it really matter what order I drink the juices?

A. It does! While we highly encourage playing with food, the order in which you consume your juices directly effects how you absorb, assimilate, and digest nutrients. For example, when your stomach is empty first thing in the morning, it’s able to assimilate whatever you put in it much more than if you consumed something prior. That is why we always have Green Juice first. Your body will absorb ALL of the vitamins and nutrients without interruption. That said, don't worry if you DO have to switch it up a bit and maybe have half of your Cashew Nut Milk first thing in the morning instead of last because you're used to a protein fix the second you open your eyes, and you'll absolutely lose it if you don't have it. This is when we can give ourselves permission to improvise.

Q. How should I store my juice?

A. In your fridge.

Q. My teeth need to gnaw on something... either gum or my colleague’s arm. Can I chew gum during the cleanse?

A. Chewing gum contributes to gas in your system, as well as, “confusing” the digestive process. What does this mean? Your stomach is getting ready for food that isn’t coming. That being said, try to avoid it, but if you’re tempted to chew off your colleague’s arm please chew the gum, and make it sugarless.

Q. Can I drink Kombucha Tea while on cleanse?

A. Kombucha is an excellent beverage option because it’s loaded with probiotics, which are great for digestion. However, it also contains processed sugar and black tea, (caffeine) which is not ideal during your cleanse. It’s a great option while you’re preparing for and breaking your cleanse.

Q. I have a work meeting that I can’t be drinking a juice at, if I eat a light salad, will it totally mess it up?

A. This is not the end of the world, and you’ll be just fine. Try to stick to the foods listed on our Cheat Sheet before you go all out. Our best recommendation is to schedule your cleanse when your schedule is least complicated.

Q. I can’t get the Green Juice down; I’ve tried everything... is it okay if I just skip them? Is it enough calories?

A. Skip the Green Juice? No way, it’s delicious and the workhorse of the Go Organic ME powerhouse. Power through it; it’s got all the good stuff. Good stuff means: vitamins, minerals, nutrients, anti-oxidants, flavanoids, enzymes and more. You could try adding some fresh squeezed lemon juice or having the juice over ice, that may help.

Q. We haven’t gone to the bathroom at all, and we’re on day two. Is that normal? Is this safe?

A. This and the opposite are completely normal side effects of the Go Organic ME Cleanse. and one of the reasons to schedule a colonic. Reduced input means reduced output.

Q. Is it OK to exercise while cleansing?

A. Absolutely!! Can we please finally put to rest the myth that if you don’t eat a lot, you’ll lack energy? Unless one is undergoing a water fast, which, should only be done with a coach, energy levels will skyrocket! You will be amazed to see that the more you allow your digestive tract to rest, the more your energy gets a boost. The energy that is usually spent on digestion is now yours for the taking, so grab it and go for a jog! Remember- you are feeding your cells, not stuffing your belly.

Q. I can’t eat anything at all? Is it enough calories?

A. It should be perfect for the duration of your cleanse. Even though it’s a calorically restrictive regimen, you are eliminating the energy required for digestion. This is a real boost to energy for other metabolic processes.

Q. Can I do Cleanse and eat food too?

A. The benefits of a cleanse will be lost if you eat solid food in addition to the juices. The idea of a cleanse is to only consume the juice so that your digestive system has time to rest. However, if you want to supplement your current diet with cold pressed juice it’s great for digestion and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Q. What do I eat when I’m done with my cleanse?

A. There are two points here: The first one regards prep work. Before any cleanse, you should lighten up – gradually. If you eat everything, e.g. meat, cheese, candy, alcohol, etc, you should slowly eliminate those a few days before and incorporate lighter fare which might include: steamed veggies, wine or sake instead of hard liquor (although, for your education, you should eliminate all alcohol a few days before and focus on hydrating), fish instead of steak and baked instead of fried. You get the idea. The same general rule also applies to the post-cleanse menu. You need to stay away from dense, processed foods. This is where the “common sense” comes into play.

Q. What if I have more questions or want to order again?

A. If you don't find your answer here, email us on info@goorganic.me