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Lets Know the Truth

Dear all,

We call our brand GoOrganic, Still, Please note that due to certain situations like shortage of Organic produce in the summers and the unpredictability of the farms, weather etc, We are NO LONGER adding Organic produce in the juices. We do add some Organic produce if it is available. Meenaxy had developed some good relationships with two Organic farms in the country, Still, One of the farm closed the operations and the other is almost closing down. With this in mind, We now add what ever local Organic vegetables, local fresh vegetables and imported fruits in our juices as we have our menus fixed. We do use the best and freshly harvested vegetables sourced locally to reduce carbon footprint.

Being a small home grown company, We had to save the trademark name of the Company . Trade mark registration is very expensive and a small company like ours can invest in it only once. Hence, the name still remains GoOrganic. GoOrganic now stands for sustainability. We do recycle our bottles, We do use fresh produce, We do not add any preservatives and we are HONEST about what we add in the juices, how we make them and how we distribute with no small prints.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Team GoOrganic