Who Are We

Meenaxy Vashishtha

Check out About Us to get more history, but we’re trying to fix the food system and bring you fresh, healthy, nutritious food in a way that is sustainable – meaning we can keep on doing it forever! Our carbon footprint is so small it’s cute and our farmers make the land better by farming it instead of depleting the soil with chemicals and intense monocultures. We’re dedicated to Local agriculture and Sustainable farming and ordering online is the most environmentally friendly grocery shopping possible.

And it all starts with you. We’re here for you and our reviews on sites like yelp and testimonials really speak for themselves. We put you above everything else and are completely centered around customer service.

Next on our list is Relationships.This has to do with you, but also all the relationships we maintain from vendors to service providers to friends and family. We believe good relationships are the foundation for every successful service and we build them to last..

We value Integrity. We do what’s right and stand by our word.

We believe everyone has to move closer to Sustainability and that we have a long way to go. Food is at the very center of Sustainability and we are working hard to make it easy for you. It’s hard to transform your life and we just want to make this step easy on you – eat well, eat organic, eat local – we can help.

We believe we’re all connected. We’re connected to each other and we’re connected to you. We treat everyone as family.

Lastly, we are determined! We’ve done the research and know that local, Organic food is the way! Join us in our march towards Sustainability and vibrant life.