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Why are we different


Pressed Raw
Vegetables and fruits are pressed in cooled temperatures under hydraulic pressure to extract maximum nutrient content, health benefits and intensity of flavour.

We never heat, pasteurise or add preservatives.

100% Delicious
Colourful plant foods blended together to create super healthy and super tasty blends. Lots of choice to satisfy your preferences. Low fruit – yes we have!

Goodness Bottled
We can all benefit from more plant foods in the diet – we’ve prepared it so you don’t have to.



Our range is Cold Pressed, creating raw living juice – free of preservatives, concentrates and heat pasteurisation. Fruit and vegetables are full of plant food goodness, only when the nutrients are released from the fibre do we obtain maximum goodness in a form that’s easily absorbed and digested by the body.
Slow cold press juicing using a hydraulic press that protects the integrity of the juice, allows 3-5 times* more nutrients to be retained versus other juicing methods. We won’t heat pasteurise or ‘flash’ pasteurise our juices as this essentially means ‘cooking’ them and destroys the nutrients they contain.

With the vitamins, minerals and living enzymes in tact, GoOrganic Cold Pressed Juices are better nutritionally and the taste is magnificent.Other methods like Centrifugal Juices use internal blades, which rotate at 30,000 revs p/minute. As the fruit and vegetables are chopped, shredded and spun – heat, static electricity and large amounts of air are drawn in and nutrients are destroyed as oxidation occurs ultimately compromising the juice. When you open GoOrganic ME  the vitamins, minerals and living enzymes remain intact – likewise taste and nutrition.


We endeavour to be as Organic still due to seasonality and non-availability and so that the product delivers on its nutritional value we do use minimal quantities of the next best healthiest and freshest option.

We search locally and sometimes overseas for the finest ingredients and most nutritionally dense plant foods to put into our products. It’s about sourcing ingredients with exceptional nutritional integrity, freshness and taste. Our farms  are bound by the highest regulatory conditions – these conditions demand the highest standard of quality and safety for their raw produce.

Because we use only fresh raw ingredients you may find variations in colour, texture and taste of the juices. Settling and separation naturally occurs in a raw juice – it’s your insurance that there are no additives in the juice to bind the ingredients – so we suggest giving it a good shake. Floating ingredients and clumping are also common in a raw juice. We don’t touch the juice – we juice it raw, how your see it is in its’ natural state!

Our raw ingredients are subject to seasonality and environmental issues which can impact supplies. If we experience ingredient shortages and are unable to supply any of the juices within the cleanse, we will replace with a similar variant.


Our cleanses are nutritionally designed to deliver the right balance of nutrients to sustain you through out your cleanse. We use high alkalizing ingredients to promote detoxification. GoOrganic products are free of wheat, yeast, gluten, dairy and refined sugars, assisting those with food intolerances. We also cater for personal preferences i.e. Low Fruit.

We want your cleanse to be as easy as possible and we strive to give the highest level of customer service that we can. From helping you choose the most suitable cleanse for your personal needs and goals, to guiding you on how to eat post cleanse, we want the process to be professional, friendly, expedient and effective.

If you feel you need more support throughout your cleansing experience or if you’re looking for health guidance we also have a network of health practitioners that we work with. If you are looking for a different kind of expertise to support you then we are happy to help you find it.


We care about the environment and try to run our business responsibly, from our ingredients, through the cleaning products in our kitchen to our packaging. Our HPP means less deliveries thus reducing our ‘juice miles’. We work closely with our fruit and vegetable suppliers and try to source locally in the first instance. We use recyclable PET bottles, which we encourage you to recycle. The cardboard boxes we use for transporting your juices are environmentally sound and of course can be recycled too.*A comparative study Norwalk hydraulic press juicer