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  • Put The Weight OFF
  • Put The Weight OFF

Put The Weight OFF

SKU: Breakfast, Lunch and Shot.
AED 1,299.00
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If you have  heard this question once, We've heard it a thousand times!!!

“How do I keep off the weight once my cleanse is over?”

 We knew we needed to create something to help customers keep off their cleanse weight. But even more than that, we wanted them to be able to keep losing more.

So, we  designed  "Put the Weight off after Cleanse"   which is  effective, affordable, and easy to maintain for the long-term.

Here’s how it works:

1. Drink 1  Go Organic craving-crushing green juice in the morning to eliminate cravings . We like Braniac, Pure Green, Dynamo and Sweet Kale. You can even alternate them with the Ayurvedic range as they have the special herbs. We like Bhakti, Karma and Kapha. 

2. Eat  2 delicious & filling meal-replacement soups at lunchtime, We have over 45 soups and 5 stews. The soups range from high protein to low calorie. You can pick your flavor or leave it to us and we will chose the best one. 

3. Drink 2 Immunity Boosting  shots before dinner to improve digestion & eliminate bloating. Pick your favorite from our shots.

4. Thats it!!!

The "Put the weight off after cleanse" is  proven way to keep off the weight you lost by cleansing and help you continue to lose up to an additional 2-3 pounds per week... all while incorporating a sustainable, healthy diet.

    So NO, this is not another cleanse. And YES, you will be eating without restricting a single calorie.

The answer to your weight loss struggles is finally here.

WE are  so excited for you to try the "Put the weight off after Cleanse"--, because we know the results will change your life.  


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