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Weekly & Monthly Subscription Offer

Weekly & Monthly Subscription Offer

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You can choose from our range of 21 juices and nut mylks. As soon as you place your order, within 24 hours, our team will be in touch to help you pick and mix.

  1. Karma Ayurveda - Chia seeds, Blueberry, Pine apple, Strawberry, Pure Aloevera, Indian Gooseberry, Spinach.
  2. Bhakti Ayurveda - Aloevera, Coconut water, Cucumber, Lemon, Pine apple, Apple, Mint, Brain tonic.
  3. Dnyan Ayurveda - Lemon, honey, Activated Charcoal.
  4. Kapha Ayurveda - Acai, Blueberry, Rasberry, cucumber, spinach, kale, Raw Organic honey.
  5. Vatta Ayurveda - Beetroot, Carrot, Cherries, Lime, Filtered water.
  6. Pitta Ayurveda - Sprouted almonds, date paste, Himalayan Pink salt, Vanilla bean, Ionised water.
  7. Braniac - Spinach, Cucumber, parsley, lemon, apple, celery.
  8. Gravity - Cucumber, apple, lemon,mint.
  9. Pure Green - Cucumber, Parsley, spinach, Arabic Courgettes, Fennel, Apple.
  10. Dynamo - Spinach, Parsley, Celery, kale, Apple, lemon, dandelion greens.
  11. Sweet Kale - Apple, lemon,ginger, kale.
  12. After Party - Carrots, beets, lemon, ginger, apple.
  13. Beet-a-licious - Beet, ginger, grapefruit, cucumber, orange, apple, lemon.
  14. Young Love - Chia seeds, Blueberry, pine apple, Strawberry, Stevia.
  15. Citrus 3 - grapefruit, mint.
  16. Orange Juice - Oranges.
  17. Cashew Mylk - Cashews, Filtered water, Raw Organic honey, Vanilla bean.
  18. Almond Mylk - Sprouted almonds, date paste, Himalayan Pink salt, Vanilla bean, Ionised water.
  19. Chocolate Almond - Almond, dates, Filtered water, cacao, sea salt, filtered water.
  20. Aloevera water - Pure Aloevera, water.
  21. Digestif - Apple, lemon, Purple Cabbage, ginger.