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Go Organic

Go Organic started in 2014 with a mission to support the local Organic farms in UAE. Although we continued doing that for some years, during the course we realized that it is increasingly difficult to get authentic Organic all through the year. With this, we stopped using Organic produce in the juices and started using locally and GCC sourced produce which is fresh and of highest standards.

Being a small and home grown concept , We have invested a lot in registering the brand name and the current economy is not allowing us to re invest so much again in registering the brand again. We will be changing the brand name in due course though.

We still believe in absolute transparency with the clients and hence we will like to let all know that although the name is Go Organic, We dont use Organic produce, rather more sustainably produced local and GCC sourced produce as much as possible. And in any case, the word GoOrganic doesnt have to be restricted to just using Organic produce. It is also about being sustainable. Is that not correct?


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