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Thanks for the interest in our cold pressed juices and soups. We welcome you to our family. 

  • Our client service team will contact you soon with a questionnaire from a different number. The delivery Is between 6 AM to 10AM. The delivery is in every 2 days 
  •  We are a plant based food manufacturing company. Everything we do is on the principle of plant based diet. The concept is to make our body alkaline and cleanse it so that it feels cared for and nourished. 
  • If you are looking for 20 days, then we have a 35% OFF going on with Free delivery and no VAT.
  • You can split the days as you want. If you do all the 20 days at a stretch, you will get a far better result. Or you can do 5 days a week and take a break on weekend.  Or just use the days as you want. Its Aed 1999 all inclusive
  • We have also got 5+1 Day Free plans for Aed 799 and 3 days for Aed 499
  • All the above are tailor made. 
  • The client service team will contact you soon from another number with a questionnaire.  
  • All Go Organic cleanses are low in glycemic levels and hence great for weight loss. Besides, the soups, smoothies, salads and crackers are packed with fiber. All the food is plant based and freshly made
  •  As said Our client services will be in touch with you soon from a different WhatsApp number

Once you receive the food, Please refrigerate them immediately. You can remove them at least 30 minutes prior to bringing them to room temperature. Please refrigerate the soups too. Heat the soups slightly for 5 -7 seconds in the microwave. The soups and salads can be left out for 10- 15 minutes to bring them to room temperature. Soups can be warmed in the microwave if you may wish to do so

We recycle. Please do return the bottles upon your next delivery. If not, you can dispose them in the nearest recycle bin. We recycle through Green Truck and they are one of the largest and cover all over UAE

Below are the guidelines to be followed during the cleanse-

1. Each day you will consume 6 portions of food to be consumed every 2 hours. The numbers are on the lids. 

2. Please start your day with luke warm water. At around 9 am or 10 am, have juice number. Drink or eat them slowly as If you are chewing the food. 

3. Please try to Maintain a 2 hours gap between the juices and soups. Please do heat the soups before eating.

4. Drink lots of water. Hydration is the key. Try and consume a lot of warm water as warm water has an amazing ability to flush off the toxins at a much more rapid level.

5. Try to start your first juice at 9 am or 10 am, then the soup at 12 PM, then 2 pm, then 4 pm, then 6 pm and then 8 pm.

6. If you are hungry or feel like chewing,  please have salads, fruits and nuts or anything plant based. 

7. Coffee and tea are allowed in limited numbers to prevent withdrawal symptoms.  

8. Try doing mild exercises like walking, jogging, yoga etc.  Let your body rest. Listen to your body at all times. If it asks you to rest, do that. 

9. Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate. Hydration is the key. So please drink a lot of water. 

10. We recycle. So please return the bottles back after usage. You can leave them in the cooler bag. 

11. We do not take any deposit for the cooler bag and ice packs. We will request you to return it upon the next delivery. We are a small, homegrown brand and not returning the bags and ice packs affect us.  Hope you can support us on that. 

12. For the love of the earth,  We don't print anything. All instructions will be sent on WhatsApp. 

13. We are not Organic. You can read about it on our About us page. 

14. To maintain the good benefits after the plan, Subscribe to our Subscribe and Save option for recurring delivery of our plant based food. 

Please read through what to do Pre, During and Post Cleanse and After it's over. https://www.goorganic.me/pages/cleanse

Do connect with us if you have any issues. 


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