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  • 60 Immunity Boost juices.

60 Immunity Boost juices.

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A good immune system needs a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to keep you energized throughout the day. Our 60 Immunity Boosting Juice Pack consists of 60 bottles of healthy fruit juices for immunity boosting for a month. 

Juices play a vital role in keeping us strong and healthy. Our healthy immune boosting juices are not only delicious but also helps you to stay hydrated and refreshed. These fruit juices have good anti-inflammatory properties and also are rich in nutrients.

Contents Healthy Immune Boosting Juice Bundle -

10 bottles of PURE PRESS Slender Greens.- Spinach, Cucumebers, lemon, ginger, parsley.
10 bottles of PURE PRESS After party- Beetroots, carrots, lemon, ginger, apple.
5 bottles of PURE PRESS Young love- Pineapple, Stevia, Chia seeds, berries, Filtered water, 
5 bottles of PURE PRESS Cold Crusher- Orange, Carrots, lemon, turmeric, apple.
5 bottles of GoOrganic Sweet kale- Kale, apple, lemon. Replaced with spinach if kale is unavailable.
5 bottles of GoOrganic Pure Green- Spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, courgettes lemon, apple.
10 bottles of GoOrganic Beet a licious- Ginger, beets , grapefruit , apples, Cucumbers, Lemons, Oranges.
5 bottles of GoOrganic Bhakti Ayurveda-Aloevera, coconut water, cucumbers,  apple, Pineapple, mint , Brain tonic,lemon. WITH ADDED TRIPHALA.
5 bottles of GoOrganic Karma Ayurveda-  Chia Seeds, Blueberry, Pineapple, Strawberry, Spinach, Pure Alovera, Indian Gooseberry. Newly added Tulsi and Neem.


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