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  • Gravity - Soothe with added Apple  Cider.

Gravity - Soothe with added Apple Cider.

SKU: JU0035
AED 35.00
(Inclusive of all taxes)
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Each Bottle contains 475 ml of organic juice.

Kick back and relieve your thirst with juice made from stomach-settling ginger and nutrient-rich apple, along with cucumber, celery, apple, parsley, and lemon.

This bottle of juice contains Cucumbers, Mint, Lemon, Apple and  Apple Cider.

Quench the thirst and heal stomach ailments with our drink comprising of ginger, nutrient rich apple along with cucumber, celery, apple, parsley and lemon. In addition to deal with stomach problems this juice contains ingredients to keep you refreshed and alert throughout by maintaining the right balance for your body. One bottle of juice comprises of Cucumbers, Mint, Lemon and Apple.

About juice

No preservatives, No additives No pasteurization No sugar added Just 100% pure organic cold pressed juice

Keep refrigerated below 4°C.
Consume within 3 days of purchasing
Shake well before opening
Made in U.A.E


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