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Green Juice prevents breast cancer

Posted on November 29th, 2021 03:12 PM
Green Juice prevents breast cancer

A compound in parsley and other plant products, including fruits and nuts, can stop certain breast cancer tumor cells from multiplying and growing.

In the study, rats with a certain type of breast cancer were exposed to apigenin, a common compound found in parsley and other plant products. The rats that were exposed to the apigenin developed fewer tumors and experienced significant delays in tumor formation.

Science Daily reports:

"Apigenin is most prevalent in parsley and celery, but can also be found in apples, oranges, nuts and other plant products. However, apigenin is not absorbed efficiently into the bloodstream, so scientists are unsure of how much can or should be ingested."

A healthy lifestyle, one that includes eating plenty of fresh, raw vegetables, can not only help prevent cancer, it may help treat it as well. This study from University of Missouri researchers is the latest to show that compounds in plant foods, in this case one called apigenin, are natural cancer fighters.

The study found that rats with breast cancer developed fewer tumors and had delays in tumor formation when exposed to apigenin, a compound found naturally in parsley, celery and many other plant foods, such as apples, oranges and nuts.

How do Veggies Help Fight Breast Cancer?

The apigenin in  celery  and parsley appears to block the formation of new blood vessels within tumors, thereby cutting off their nutrient supply and slowing or stopping their development. This healing, restorative power of vegetables has been researched and known for some time, but remains largely obscured and overshadowed by the massive marketing of pharmaceutical drugs.

For example, one 2001 study revealed that women who consumed at least 2.5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily as adolescents were 46 percent less likely to develop ovarian cancer.

As a general rule, when it comes to eating veggies the greater the variety and the larger the volume, the better. Tailoring your vegetable consumption to your nutritional type is also recommended to take your health to the next level.

But aside from celery and parsley, broccoli and even more so, broccoli sprouts, have also emerged as powerful cancer fighters. Sulforaphane, a type of isothiocyanate compound found in broccoli, has been found to potentially help treat breast cancer by targeting cancer stem cells, which fuel the growth of tumors.

More Support for Cancer-Fighting Veggies

The isothiocyanate in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli sparks hundreds of genetic changes, activating some genes that fight cancer and switching off others that fuel tumors.

If you want to increase your veggie consumption, one of the absolute easiest and most efficient ways to do so is to juice your vegetables.

Not only will  juicing  help your body absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables by making them easily digestible, but you're also avoiding the risk of damaging any of their sensitive micronutrients through cooking, which destroys micronutrients by altering their shape and chemical composition.

It also allows you greater freedom to add a wider variety of vegetables to your diet that you may not normally enjoy eating whole. This way, you're working with the principle of regular food rotation, which will lessen your chances of developing food allergies, while also getting a wider variety of nutrients.

Celery and parsley happen to be two of the easiest vegetables to juice and they are delicious when combined with leafy greens and limes.

Its said that a green juice a day keeps a doctor away.


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