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  • Kombucha 30 Pack

Kombucha 30 Pack

SKU: 30 PK
AED 449.00
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What Exactly is Kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented beverage that is made of black tea or green tea and sugar.  At  GoOrganic , all of our Kombucha drinks are fermented  and the fermentation process of the tea is started by using sugar and some sort of “Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast” or SCOBY.


Kombucha has a rich and earthy flavor – but the truth is no Kombucha is created equally or tastes the same. Factors such as fermentation time, type of sugar used and strain of SCOBY will alter the flavor profile of any Kombucha. 


Kombucha isn’t just a tasty fizzy drink that can quench your thirst (…booch please!). It also contains other benefits. For starters, it feeds your microbiome and can promote gut health through the presence of probiotics. SOur Kombuchas contain over 500 Million probiotics, as well as unique adaptogens  that carry properties that can help the body de-stress.

4 great flavors to try . Pick and choose from all the 4 flavors or allow us to mix and match for you.

Cardamom Rose


Golden Life

Apple Ginger. 

Option to split the days in 6 months. 



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