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  • 7 Days Immune Boosting Juice Detox Aed 999 all inclusive

7 Days Immune Boosting Juice Detox. Aed 999 all inclusive!

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AED 1,299.00
(Inclusive of all taxes)
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  • Book now, Cleanse Anytime in 2021.
  • Split in 4 payments with NO FEES.  

The 7 Day Weight Loss & Immune Boosting Cleanse is not only nourishing, but It will also make your body alkaline and enhance weight loss.

A comprehensive plan of 6 juices each day will be sent to you. Each juice will be having close to 1.5 Kg of plants in them. Each day. You will consume six bottles of 475ml. A total of 8 Kgs of plants go in your body each day.

We have 4 levels of detoxes. The four levels are as below-

1. Refresh Cleanse- A nourishing cleanse for beginners with 844 calories each day.

2. Ayurveda- Based on ancient Indian science of herbs, the cleanse heals you from inside. The cleanse packs 750 calories each day.

3. Low Glycemic Cleanse- This cleanse is heavily vegetable-based with only 640 calories each day.

4. Super Green- Very intense. Only 350 calories a day. Heavily green juices.

Our client service team will send you a questionnaire and based on the answers, we will create a tailor-made plan to suit your goal. The plan will be a mix of all the 4 cleanses based on your goal so that it allows your body gradually to move from a mild to a strong to a stronger level of detox towards the end of the course.

Try and keep an interval of 2 hours between each juice. Every juice is numbered. That will be your food, So eat the juice, Chew it. Slowly!

Drink a lot of hot water or warm water. Hydration is key during the cleanse. Consume 3 liters of water if you can.

In case you get hungry ( which may not happen as you will consume 3 liters of juices in a day), You can still bite on salads, nuts, fruits, vegetable sticks, soups, broth. Any thing plant-based. Add rock salt if you want the juices to taste better and use a straw to sip them. You can separately purchase our 5 pack soups to fill you up.

Our client service team will be in touch with you on WhatsApp or call.

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