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  • Dnyan Ayurveda - The perfect Detox with added turmeric limestone.

Dnyan Ayurveda - The perfect Detox with added turmeric limestone.

SKU: JU0016
AED 35.00
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Each Bottle contains 475 ml of organic juice.

The word Dnyan in Sanskrit means knowledge. The knowledge of activated charcoal in detoxing your body goes ages back from the time the great Rishis of India found this amazing ingredient. We use this in our lemonade for the perfect detox.

This bottle of juice contains Lemon, Activated Charcoal, Raw Organic Honey and Newly added turmeric limestone.

The Dnyan Ayurveda concept goes back to the old ages where it’s considered a form of cleansing. The same principle of using this age old principle of utilizing activated charcoal to detox your body is applied similarly for this drink. We use the final product in this practice with lemonade to give you the perfect detox. Our ingredients include Lemon, Activated charcoal and  raw, Organic Honey.

We have recently added Miracle concoction of freshly ground turmeric and limestone in this juice. Read more about it on https://www.goorganic.me/blogs/blog/turmeric-lime-stone


About juice

No preservatives, No additives No pasteurization No sugar added Just 100% pure organic cold pressed juice

Keep refrigerated below 4Β°C
Consume within 3 days
of purchasing
Shake well before opening
Made in U.A.E



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