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  • Strawberry Banana Protein- 5 pack

Strawberry Banana Protein- 5 pack

SKU: 92273
AED 180.00
(Inclusive of all taxes)
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Strawberry, Banana, Flaxseed, Chia, Vanilla, Pea seeds Date, Plant Protein, Almond Milk. 21g Protein

Regular (16oz): calories 350, fat cal 70, total fat 7g, sat. fat 0g, trans fat 0g, cholest. 0mg, sodium 340mg, potassium 720mg, total carb. 57g, fiber 16g, sugars 29g, protein 21g, vitamin a (10% dv), vitamin c (90% dv), calcium (10% dv), iron (45% dv).


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