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28-day juicing challenge

Posted on November 29th, 2021 03:23 PM
28-day juicing challenge

Hey Juice Lovers! It’s time for a juicy challenge. We’re going to get strong, healthy and sexy through a straw.

This is a challenge to drink at least 2 juices a day for 28 days straight. It's not a juice fast.

The  28-day juicing challenge is about making juicing a part of your everyday lifestyle. Not a diet or a fad, but a way of life. We like to call it the juicy life.

We are here to take you on a 28-day journey to nourish your body. Two juices a day for 4 weeks...so simple but so life changing.

Why do a juice challenge?

Yes, it's fun. But more importantly, juicing is great for your body. And it’s a really easy way to get good nutrition. It will make you strong, healthy and beautiful from the inside out. But you need to juice often in order for it to make a difference in your life.

Juicing is part of a lifestyle. It’s not a quick fix and not just for cleanses. It’s a great everyday way to get complete nourishment for a healthy body.

It usually takes some discipline and support to make good changes in our lives. It’s also great to have a community to do it with. We’ve got that. Check, check. This is a fun way to incorporate juice into your diet and join others that are juicing too.

These are some amazing benefits that you will get -

  • Better sleep. Wake up without the alarm clock, and never need a nap.
  • Glowing, clear skin.
  • Morning-till night energy
  • A clearer, sharper mind.
  • A happy digestive system. Get regular!
  • Lean, bikini-ready body (the waxing is up to you).
  • Less inflammation.
  • Less bloat, less pain.
  • Body detox (give your bod a clean slate).
  • Ageless looks.
  • Boosted immunity. (Flu? What flu?)

The goal? To look and feel better effortlessly with the help of juice. And if you already feel great, that’s cool too. Let’s face it, challenges are just fun (well, mine are, anyway :). It's open to everyone.

How to join the juice challenge

Sign up here for the challenge.

Sign up for our juice challenge here . We have over 19 different recipes. We will send you 2 juices for the next 28 days delivered in every 3 days. The juices have 1.5 Kg of raw produce in it. Have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We will guide you to the best juices for you. Besides, we will tailor make them for you.

The cost is just Aed 2000 inclusive VAT. This will be Dubai deliveries. Abu Dhabi and other emirates will have the delivery fees added.

You can even email on helpdesk@goorganic.me or call us on 0556250664.