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5 great new recipes for you that are far from boring.

5 great new recipes for you that are far from boring.

November 29th, 2021

Its too hot now and we all want some thing light, delicious and colorful.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your lunchtime menu,  our simple  soup  recipes are great for you to make at home. 

Check out 4 great recipes . Don’t forget to share snaps of your favorite soup with us @go.organic.me– we can’t wait to see them!


Carrot ginger soup


Carrots - 3 pieces., cubed.

Coconut Mylk- 1 cup.

Onion- 1, Finely chopped. 

Ginger- 1 Quarter, shredded.


Olive oil

Garlic- 2 cloves.

Cumin- 1 tea spoon.

Sea salt- to taste

Black pepper- to taste.


Prep the ingredients. In a hot pan, Cook the onions, followed by garlic and ginger. Once translucent, Add cubed carrots. Once soft. Let it cool down for some time and then blend it. Add Coconut Milk on top. Finish it with squeezed lemon on top. 


Pumpkin Coconut Soup.


Half Pumpkin, Medium size.

Coconut Milk- I cup.

1 red onion.

Olive oil.

1 tea spoon red chili flakes.

1/2 tea spoon cinnamon.

1/2 tea spoon chili powder

salt and pepper to taste.


In a hot pan, cook finely chopped onions till translucent.  Add chopped pumpkin followed by cinnamon and chili powder. Let it cook until the pumpkin is soft.  Once cool, blend it. Add coconut milk on top. Sprinkle red chili flakes . Add salt and pepper to taste.


Butternut Squash soup.


1/4 Butternut squash, cubed.

1/2 sweet potato.

1/2 carrot

1 onion

1/4 tea spoon pepper corns.

1 bay leaf

Salt and sugar to taste.


In a hot pan,  First add pepper corns and bay leaf. Immediately add chopped onion. Let the onions sweat for a while and then add cubed butternut, carrots and sweet potato. Once translucent, add water until they become soft.  Cool it for a while. Blend it and add salt and sugar to taste. 


Split pea Soup.


1/4 cup over night soaked split peas.Pressure cooked or boiled until soft.

1  Onion- chopped.

1/2 carrot

1/4 inch celery.

2 cloves of garlic.

Salt and pepper to taste.


In a hot pan, add  chopped garlic. Once brown, add chopped onion. Let the onion get brown and follow with celery cubes, carrots and split peas. Cook on slow flame for about five minutes. Close the gas and let it cool. Blend. Add salt and pepper to taste. 

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