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5 Yummy and Nutritious Keto Meal Shakes Recipes

5 Yummy and Nutritious Keto Meal Shakes Recipes

November 29th, 2021

Since the season of fall has dawned upon us, we have created a brand new exciting flavor of  ketogenic vegan diet shakes! Pumpkin spiced keto shake! This wholesome drink, is a healthy keto diet made from fresh pumpkin puree and grounded pumpkin seeds, definitely adds some spice to your life! Let's quickly discuss the amazing benefits of this beautiful fruit that we normally only carve faces into_ Pumpkins are a particularly rich source of Vitamin A which can protect your eyesight and boost your immunity! Its high antioxidant content may even reduce the risk of chronic heart diseases. Of course, we pack all of this goodness with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg which give the perfect flavor, and because it's so nutrient-dense and has a low-calorie count, you can definitely have this drink, as a meal replacement, or even if you’re doing a keto drink detox!


Busy Bee Honey Vanilla Keto Meal Shake

Are you a workaholic? Do you need an "extra" dose of energy? without binge eating on carbs? We have created a perfect keto drink for you with our  low carb keto diet recipes! The "Busy Bee drink is a ketogenic vegan diet honey vanilla keto shake! This drink really gives you a boost of energy and is packed with low carb ingredients, and Its main element honey which is highly rich in antioxidants and contains organic acids and phenolic compounds like flavonoids. This healthy keto diet can also reduce several risk factors for heart disease common in people with type 2 diabetes. They may help the arteries in your heart dilate, increasing blood flow to your heart. They may also help prevent blood clot formation, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. This shake has a ton of health benefits and will surely help you to improve your energy and concentration. This delicious drink is something beneficial from tiny tots to tired teenagers.


Key Lime Keto Meal Shake

We have come up with yet another new and wholesome creation of vegan keto diet recipes, to enrich you with the finest quality products which will nourish you internally! The "Key Lime keto shake is a drink that will be manifested! Packed with the luscious leafy green Spinach! It is one of the best healthy keto diets that has amazing health benefits such as strengthening your bones, eyesight, immune system, repels, helps to fight against different viruses, and even promotes heart health! And hey, we've all wanted to try Popeye's famous strength enhancer... So we've even added some lime juice, cashews, and shredded coconut which all helps maintain your metabolic rate, and prevent you from gaining extra weight! This ketogenic vegan diet shake has a delicious flavor of lime and is highly nutritious.


Matcha Green Keto Meal Shake

We definitely Matcha your taste buds! Another insanely good, hella creative "Matcha Green" Keto Shake! Matcha is rich in catechins, a class of plant compounds in tea that acts as natural antioxidants. This ketogenic vegan diet also helps to protect the liver, boost brain function, may help prevent cancer, may promote heart health, and definitely helps you lose weight. Et voila! You have an amazing Keto meal shake, which tastes scrumptious because of its fresh and healthy products.


Tropical Bliss : Pineapple - Coconut Keto Meal Shake 

We have created a Tropical Bliss" keto meal shake! It's made of pineapple and coconut and tastes like a pina colada.This keto diet shake has nutritive properties and can help you lose weight because of its low carb count. Since pineapple is loaded with nutrients and contains disease-fighting antioxidants, Its enzymes can ease digestion, may help reduce the risk of cancer, help boost Immunity, and suppress Inflammation. This drink will also keep you hydrated and curbs your appetite!

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