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Fresh Taste Promise

Posted on November 29th, 2021 02:58 PM
Fresh Taste Promise

Carefully Sourced Ingredients only from GoOrganic Certified Organic farms. No Artificial Flavors. Cold-Pressed.

It started 4 years ago when founder Meenaxy visited all the Organic farms in the country. Certifications were checked. They were made partners in the business.  Systems were kept in place so that the authentication of Organic Certification was verified. 

1. We carefully source nature’s finest ingredients.

Proudly, nearly 100% of  green vegetables come from the GoOrganic affliliated Organic local farms . Those bright  green colors that show up in so many of our juices come from  the greens in the Organic  farms in Dubai.  They are harvested just a few hours before the juices are made so what goes in your juices is extremely fresh Organic produce. The fruits are USDA Certified Organic. We aim to use as much Organic as possible in our juices , however due to certain circumstances and non availability of items, they are replaced with the next best and freshest option.

Careful sourcing also means we are challenging ourselves to find innovative ways to maintain that optimal taste, It also means sometimes we do things the hard way, like letting our vegetables ripen on the tree to help ensure the finest flavor possible when pureed (versus artificially ripening using gasses like acetylene or ethylene). And those lemons and cucumbers are hand-peeled by humans, rather than by machines, to make sure the juicy flesh makes it into the juice and not the pits.

Along the way, we are paying attention to the impact we have on the environment and local farming communities. For example, the innovative practice of Second cut spinach, kale and parsley can make both the earth and farmers happy.

2. We never add artificial flavors (never!).

Why does our  Green Juice  taste like greens and not  apples? Because it is just greens(a whopping 1.5 per bottle**). And we celebrate the slight variations in flavor & color that naturally occur throughout the year.

If it didn’t come from the ground or a tree, it’s not likely to find its way onto our ingredient lists. Take our  After party  for example—whereas many beverages on the market use “natural flavors” to get that  flavor—we accomplish that bright taste by simply sourcing the best-tasting beets from our Organic farms. we can find.

And, when it comes to artificial colors, nada. Because Mother Nature is vibrant enough on her own.

3. And our juice is cold-pressed. Never pasteurized.

After we source, squeeze, crack, press, and blend our ingredients, they are bottled and sent across to you. Many juices are heat pasteurized, which can change the flavor. Cooked KALE? No thank you!

It might not always be the fastest or easiest path, but we are pretty darn proud of the commitment we have made to the best possible taste. We think you will agree. That’s our promise.

Pick up a bottle on our website. If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, we want to know. Please contact us at helpdesk@goorganic.me