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Health benefits of a Soup diet

Health benefits of a Soup diet

November 12th, 2021

Souping is the new juicing. 

In the colder months, when our bodies crave warmth and comfort, food and hence soups, the ultimate comfort food—makes a whole lot of sense. Soup has other benefits, too:

Let’s look at some of the health benefits of a vegetable soup diet.

Since it relies primarily on vegetables rather than fruits, it’s super low on the glycemic scale, and it’s packed with fiber, which makes it pretty filling. Soups are again low in carbs and low in calories. In general, a low-carb vegetable soup can help with significant weight loss if we are looking primarily for weight loss. Soups are full of vegetables, and hence they are great for detoxing as well. 

A proper diet needs nutrients that support the body’s innate detoxification systems and anti-microbial to kill the “bad” guys in the gut, as those are a common source of toxicity. And a vegetable detox soup is a good way to deliver those nutrients, as the food does not have to be digested, and it’s easier on the digestive system. 

Another great health benefit of a vegetable soup diet is that soups keep us hydrated during the winter chill. It’s not uncommon to drink less than you need. But while you may not be hot and sweaty, you still lose fluid through daily activities. Since soups are mostly liquid, they’re a great way to stay hydrated and full. 

Soups give our immune system a boost. Low-carb soups can help you stave off cold and flu, and they’re a great antidote for times when you are sick, too! Most soups are loaded with disease-fighting nutrients. A bonus: the hot liquid helps soothe a sore throat.

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