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Neem - Antifungal and Anti bacterial

Posted on November 29th, 2021 03:21 PM
Neem - Antifungal and Anti bacterial

Neem is one miracle herb and the benefits for skin care are quite numerous. Each part of this miracle tree contains healing compounds. The leaves, seed, bark, blossom and fruit all contain elements that help protect it from potential threats in the environment. Neem is a tree with an incredible variety of beneficial properties. Every part of the tree contains some level of active compounds, which have been found to be useful in organic and natural cosmetics, medicine and agriculture. Originating from India, The Neem tree is part of the cultureโ€™s traditional Ayurvedic medicine. These properties protect it from bacteria, bug, and other microbes that would be interested in eating the tree and its fruit for food. More about that in the Science of Neem section.

The exceptional properties of Neem can be summarized as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and they facilitate wound healing. Neem trees produce a cocktail of molecules in their leaves and seeds that have potent properties. Scientific studies have shown Neem to have the following healing properties:

  • Antibacterial โ€“ destroying the growth of bacteria
  • Antiviral โ€“ inhibits the growth of viruses
  • Anti-fungal โ€“ inhibits the growth of fungi
  • Analgesic โ€“ providing pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory โ€“ reduce certain signs of inflammation, swelling or tenderness
  • Anti-histamine โ€“ reduce topical itches and irritations
  • Antimicrobial -destroying the growth of microorganisms

Although bitter to taste, We decided to incorporate this miracle herb in our Karma Ayurveda.