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Gill Sparrow Lost 5 Kgs in 20 Days

Posted on September 7th, 2023 10:44 AM

We are thrilled!! Our client lost 5 kgs in 20 days and another client, Fabio,  lost 10 kgs. No fatigue, lots of energy and improved metabolism. Wooooohooo!!! So delighted. This is what we are in business for. To make changes in the lives. We dont claim to be a weight loss company, it is a side-effect of the whole body detox. Most importantly, have optimal functioning organs, most importantly, our gut and liver. And that is what we do! With only the power of  plants!

The purpose of good health and optimal digestion is to turn the food we eat into fuel for our body’s cells. Poor digestion is very common and makes us normally feeling fatigued, foggy, bloated, unable to lose weight, with low immune function and hormonal imbalances - the list goes on. When the gut is happy, we flourish. We keep this in mind and add a few days of Gut Reset in the 20 days Weight loss Reset. It contains gut friendly food with live probiotics like kombuchas. 

A healthy liver is such a vital part of the healthy  functioning body, its hence important to keep it healthy always so that it doesnt go through any undue stress. One of the best things you can do for a healthy liver is to eat a healthy balanced diet. We add a few days of liver Cleanse in the 20 days Reset. Its delicious and has solid food. 

The 20 Days Weight Loss Reset is the tried and true Reset for quick, healthy weight loss. It combines liquids with solid food.  Flush out toxins and flood your body with nutrients at the same time. If you’ve cleansed before, this is your sign to try a longer cleanse. Customers resort to losing an average of 8 pounds* with the 5- Day Weight Loss Reset and up to 10 pounds* with the 20 Day Weight Loss Reset.

The programme takes care of all of the planning, making it easier for you to stick to and form lasting, healthy habits. All our meals are freshly prepared by chefs using the highest quality ingredients.

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