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  • 35% OFF on 20 Days. Weight loss Reset. 900- 1200 calories.  Macros per day-Protein- 60g, Fat- 38, Carbs- 36.
  • 35% OFF on 20 Days. Weight loss Reset. 900- 1200 calories.  Macros per day-Protein- 60g, Fat- 38, Carbs- 36.
  • 35% OFF on 20 Days. Weight loss Reset. 900- 1200 calories.  Macros per day-Protein- 60g, Fat- 38, Carbs- 36.
  • 35% OFF on 20 Days. Weight loss Reset. 900- 1200 calories.  Macros per day-Protein- 60g, Fat- 38, Carbs- 36.

35% OFF on 20 Days. Weight loss Reset. 900- 1200 calories. Macros per day-Protein- 60g, Fat- 38, Carbs- 36.

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Health Benefits:




    ✅Vitamin C


Fret not , its Aed 2099 + Aed 100 Refundable deposit for cooler bags and Ice packs. Will be refunded once the bags and packs are returned to our friendly drivers

  • Make this plant based plan recurring each month and you get the shots and extra days for FREE!

  • Subscribe for 3 months and get 2 FREE days and 20 booster shots


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Our Weight Loss Meal Plan relies primarily on farm fresh vegetables. It's super low on the glycemic scale, and it's packed with fiber, which makes it pretty filling.

Discover 20 days of nutritious food, to reset and rebuild a healthy lifestyle. We believe in the power of plant-based food, we know that greater diversity in what we eat can have a profound effect on our overall health.

The purpose of good health and optimal digestion is to turn the food you eat into fuel for your body’s cells. Poor digestion is very common and makes us normalise feeling fatigued, foggy, bloated, unable to lose weight, with low immune function and hormonal imbalances - the list goes on. Our gut does so much more than just break down food.

A healthy gut needs a good balance of healthy bacteria. Your gut holds trillions of bacteria that help process your food, produce nutrients and fight disease. When the gut is happy, we flourish.

We've designed a delicious, gut-friendly menu meaning that you'll be eating and drinking nutrient-rich foods to support healthy bacteria like no other. A 20-day programme for a healthier you so you can feel lighter and brighter like the best version of yourself. Also, All the plans are tailor made and custom made for your goals. Please whats app us incase you need them to be tailor made and we will do that for you.

The programme takes care of all of the planning, making it easier for you to stick to and form lasting, healthy habits. All our meals are freshly prepared by chefs using the highest quality ingredients.

For this menu, we focused on putting plants first. Filling our plates with abundant, colourful food ensures that we are getting enough variation for our microbiome to flourish. Getting to love your greens is also so important, as these are powerhouses in growing good bacteria, reducing inflammation, balancing pH levels, boosting energy, losing weight and beating the bloat. Providing an opportunity to rest and reset is what we are doing for our body when we adopt a well-managed intermittent fasting plan, because asking our system to be ever alert is equally as unfair as suggesting you go for a walk instead of going to bed in the evening. In doing so we increase metabolic efficiency, balance energy levels and actually differentiate between what true hunger and habitual hunger is.

A great alternative if you've been considering a juice cleanse and are looking to lose weight but want something more filling. As with all packages flavour is key, and the balance of juices and meals will keep you sustained throughout the day.

Highly recommended for people with elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure and those suffering from auto immune diseases.

The 20 Days Whole Body Reset Plan is ideal for rejiggering not-so-great eating habits or reintroducing good food into your diet after a weekend or a holiday.

Please note that the soups are blast chilled during the summer months. This may result in receiving them frozen. They are just blast chilled just a few hours before dispatch purely as the Delivery team takes a long time in travelling to different locations resulting in opening the doors often and it may disturb the optimum temperature requirement in the vans. When blast chilled, the soups get thawed on the way and there is no spoilage of the food. All the Soups are fresh and nothing is frozen.

The plan can be done at a stretch for the best results or 5/6 days a week while taking break on weekend or split the days as and when you want. You can even do 3 days each month . The number of days can be used in year. The best results, however, are achieved when we do the Cleanse for the whole duration at a stretch without any breaks.

Please note that this plan is mostly liquids for easy assimilation of food and best results. Except for Gut Reset, every thing is soups , juices and Broths. However, if you want to get on solid food, We can give some weeks of our food based plan as well. 


Keeps you fuller for longer with more energy to train during weight loss.

Provides you with a full injection of antioxidants.

Keeps your body warmer, which helps burn more calories & reduces cranky cravings.

Reduces body fat and reduces your body’s cravings for process food.

It is a weight loss plan that supports the body’s innate detoxification And soup is a good way to deliver nutrients, as the food does not have to be digested and it’s easier on the digestive system.


Week 1

Day 1 and 2 are Juice Cleanses

The Day 1 -is Ayurveda Juice Cleanse The Cleanse has holistic ingredients like Ashwagandha , holy basil, Neem and many more blended with vegetables and fruits. Each day you consume 6 bottles of cold pressed juices keeping a gap of 2 hours between each juice. Each bottle has 1.5 Kilo of raw plants, So in a day, We consume close to 5 kilos of plants which makes our body very alkaline. In between, Please consume lots of warm water as it helps flush off toxins much faster. Fret not, You can still bite on some thing plant based like nuts cucumbers and salads.

Day 2 - is again a- Low glycemic juice cleanse6 bottles of Vegetable based juices. A strong Cleanse to plant power us and flush all the toxins off.

Day 3- Day 5- isLow Sugar Soup and Juice Cleanse. Soups are excellent for weight loss as they are low in glycemic index and high in fiber. The first week is Cleansing week along with kick starting Weight loss.

Week 2

Day 6 - is again a Refresh Juice Cleanse - with 6 bottles of juices to once again cleanse the body

Day 7- Day 9 - Full Body Reset  - The plan has a Protein shake in the morning along with soups, broth and Liver Cleansing juice.  

Day 10 - Skinny   Cleanse - with 1 Juice and 4 soups and 3 Immunity Booster shots. The more number of soups, better is the weight loss.

Week 3

Day 11 - Low Glycemic Juice Cleanse- A strong Cleanse with 6 vegetable based juices the body very alkaline and plant powered.

Day 12 - Gut Cleanse. This week is all about Cleansing different parts of the body. The Cleanse will introduce salads as lunch along with fiber and Kombucha for good micro biome. 

Day 13- Liver Cleanse Its very important that we cleanse the Liver as well so that there is an over all Cleansing of the entire body. 

Day 14 and Day 15- High Fiber - with 3 Juices and 3 soups. The juices are whole some with vegetables and fruits and soups are full of fiber. Here we focus on introducing fiber while cleansing. 

Week 4

This is the final week! Here we focus only on Weight loss.

Day 16 and Day 17- Low Glycemic Juice Cleanse   with 6 cold pressed juices a day. For the Final Cleanse and weight loss.

Day 18 - Day 20- Low Sugar Soup and Juice Cleanse   This with 3 alkaline Juices and 3 soups. One of the best plans to accelerate the weight loss.

Please note that just as one size does not fit all, so does, one plan doesnt fit all. All our plans are custom made.

Please get in touch with us on Whats app and our very friendly Client service agents will send you a questionnaire . Based on the answers, We will create a tailor made plan as per your goal.

The contents of the plan will be sent to your email once the purchase is done so that you dont have to click the links.

Lastly, Try to do the whole 20 days at a stretch without a break for the best results. If not, split as you want for up to 1 year.

If deliveries are delayed please eat something plant based.

How do I prepare for my cleanse?

How to bounce back after cleanse?

Before doing any plan with us, we will send you a questionnaire to check if the selected plan is right one . Many times we need a thorough cleaning before we start any plan. Your selected plan may then be altered to a mix of a few plans or a completely different plan than what you chose. Please go ahead and order the plan, still, allow us to send you a questionnaire.


Rating 5/5 based on 14 reviews

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Gary Fennell
Gary Fennell

Nice products

I find the soups and juices very tasty . As a pilot on a private jet , I might want to recommend to some of my VVIP passengers . Thank You

Zalfa Khan
Zalfa Khan

Nice products

Really good experience . Loved the soups and juices .

Jim Mark
Jim Mark

lost 4 kgs in 12 days

I've tried many meal plans, and found that the food became boring very quickly. This is not the case with Go Organic. I wanted to loose a few kilograms and detox my system, so I chose the 20 day - Intermittent Fasting Pack.1000-1200 calories. Not only was the ordering process easy, I found the juices and soups to be very delicious. I'm on day 12 now, and looking forward to ordering a different plan for the coming week. So far, I've lost 4 kgs.

Khateeja Ahmed
Khateeja Ahmed

Lost 8 kgs in 21 days

Go Organic you are Super Exception. I lost 1o kgs with healthy eating. Darmy from the customer service team was very helpful. The team does follow up well and responds very quick. Delivery was on time . I was not sure if i could finish the 20 days, as first few days were very difficult. I did have a cheat meal in between. Drank 1 coffee. Overall very happy with the service. My friends have been asking me about this plan. Will definitely recommend them.

Anelisa Rezende De Mores
Anelisa Rezende De Mores

Allowing myself to have a piece of cake a glass of wine per week on weekends

I would like to share my positive experience with Go Organic and its team. I have been struggling for a long time to lose weight, and was scared about the fact I would “only have juices” for a day. I did a trial with another company, survived the 1st juice day..but Go Organic was the one who offered me a great deal. I purchased the 20 days package, but will only do juices 3 days a week, eating healthy the other days and allowing myself to have a piece of cake a glass of wine per week on weekends. On my second week, I noticed a huge difference in measures, my tummy and face have slimed a lot. I also drop 3kg in 3weeks. Not doing exercise. Customer service is excellent, and team also very attentive. I started to fell a bit of stomach problems pain of the 3rd day because some juices are very citric, and team immediately came up with a solution to help to enjoy my experience 🙏❤️ Highly recommended!

Perla Yazbek
Perla Yazbek

Excellent Product and Excellent Service

I tried the 20 day weight loss plan this month and i lost 5.5 kgs. Very happy with the results. I really liked the juices, it was always fresh and filling. The soups were interesting, some flavors I tried for the first time in my life. Customer service, Darmy was very helpful. Delivery was always on time. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try a plant based diet to cleanse his body. I will definitely do it again after my summer vacation. Well done Go Organic ME!

Rachel Van Loan
Rachel Van Loan

I don't feel deprived but am dropping significant water weight.

I have used the 20 day plan as an elimination diet to cut out dairy, wheat, meat, and sugar. It has been surprisingly easy and I am feeling so much better, sleeping better, and experiencing reduced inflammation. The food is varied and excellent quality. I have some other food sensitivities and Go Organic worked with me to make sure that the food I am receiving is right for my system. I appreciate that they don't tell you to cut out coffee and to eat additional veggies/nuts if you are still hungry. I don't feel deprived but am dropping significant water weight

Anisha Shah
Anisha Shah

I can feel the difference in my energy levels and no more mid morning and afternoon slumps.

I am so pleased that I took the plunge and decided to go clean and opted for GO ORGANIC ME starting this month. The juices, booster shots are yummy and very palatable. I am enjoying the soups as well as they are nourishing and flavorsome. Edwin and his team offer great customer service. My delivery is on time and all neatly packed and labelled. I can feel the difference in my energy levels and no more mid morning and afternoon slumps. My caffeine intake is minimal, 4 cups a week only ( okay, so I've cheated 🙄) My skin feels more hydrated but no weight loss as yet. That's fine as my exercise regime has not been consistent either. All in all its been great thus far for an overall feeling of healthy well being.

Anthony Murray
Anthony Murray

During the 4 week soup and juice plan, I lost 6.35 kg.

During the 4 week soup and juice plan, I lost 6.35 kg , which I was very happy about. I was surprised how much I enjoyed most of the soups and juices. I feel as if this has helped my digestive system, as I suffered from bloating in the past, to which I didn’t during the course. I also never at any point felt hungry or craving for anything, which was another positive. The service was excellent and super responsive. Would highly recommend Go Organic plans.

Rebecca Rowly
Rebecca Rowly

Just a wonderful experience, delicious products and excellent customer service.

I ordered the 20 day juice cleanse and I have loved it! At first it was a big shock to my system but I needed the cleanse as a gut reset. Weight loss was part of my goal but also to eat better and cleaner. The deliveries were on time every night. My favorite part was the pre packaged drinks and soups. I didn’t have to do ANYTHING. No preparation. No worry. I could pack them and go to work. The transition to more soup was a bit difficult for me because of my job. But a quick message to customer service and they tailored the plan to help me out with more juice than soup. Couldn’t be happier: The flavors are deliciously. Concoctions I would have never tasted before. So much nicer than ordering my own and playing safe. I ate more fruit and veg in my first week than in the last 6 months of my unhealthy habits. There is ALWAYS someone on the end of WhatsApp to answer all my questions and keep me on tracks. I will definitely continue to order and take this cleanse again. Even the payment plan was a huge help. Just a wonderful experience, delicious products and excellent customer service.

Hayek Reem
Hayek Reem

Best option for working professional.

I took the 20 days detox weight loss plan. It was a great option to have it in my working days and off on weekends. I lost 3 kgs in the first 2 weeks . The detox helped me in reducing my digestive issues like bloating and pain. I noticed increase in overall energy. I highly recommend it for working people as its easy and healthy.

Anna G
Anna G

Trsust the process

The service was so good and I did find the plan very easy and convenient. The soups and juices and salad were enjoyable. My least favorite is the celery one- but i know its probably one of the healthiest ones so i hold my nose and drink it...hahaha. I could not believe the weighing scale after 20 days. All set to look perfect for my holidays .


Helped reduce my Menopause symptoms and hot flushes.

Hi I really enjoyed it and the savory sunflower seed cracker are amazing. I love them. All good thank you with the detox and I did see if it would help me with menopause symptom in reducing hot flushes. Not stopped them but it seems so much now. I had best results with juices as they are filling and cleansing. Will definitely do it again. Team is Excellent.


love the lentil and minerstone soup

So far so good. First week completed. I took the 20 days package and I have to admit my struggle is real. But I am happy i was able to stick to the plan. I simply love the lentil and minerstone soup. Lost 2kgs in first week. Will see the following week.


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