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  • 35% OFF: 20 Days  Weight loss Reset.
  • 35% OFF: 20 Days  Weight loss Reset.
  • 35% OFF: 20 Days  Weight loss Reset.

35% OFF: 20 Days Weight loss Reset.

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Our Weight Loss Meal Plan relies primarily on farm fresh  vegetables. It's super low on the glycemic scale, and it's packed with fiber, which makes it pretty filling.Discover 20 days of nutritious food, to reset and rebuild a healthy lifestyle .We believe in the power of plant-based food, we know that greater diversity in what we eat can have a profound effect on our   our overall health.

The purpose of good  health and optimal digestion is to turn the food you eat into fuel for your body’s cells. Poor digestion is very common and makes us normalise feeling fatigued, foggy, bloated, unable to lose weight, with low immune function and hormonal imbalances - the list goes on. Our gut does so much more than just break down food.

A healthy gut needs a good balance of healthy bacteria. Your gut holds trillions of bacteria that help process your food, produce nutrients and fight disease. When the gut is happy, we flourish.

We've designed a delicious, gut-friendly menu meaning that you'll be eating and drinking nutrient-rich foods to support healthy bacteria like no other.A 20-day  programme for a healthier you so you can feel lighter and brighter like the best version of yourself. Also, All the plans are tailor made and custom made for your goals. Please whats app us incase you need them to be tailor made and we will do that for you. 

The programme takes care of all of the planning, making it easier for you to stick to and form lasting, healthy habits. All our meals are freshly prepared by chefs using the highest quality ingredients. 

For this menu, we focused on putting plants first. Filling our plates with abundant, colourful food ensures that we are getting enough variation for our microbiome to flourish. Getting to love your greens is also so important, as these are powerhouses in growing good bacteriareducing inflammationbalancing pH levelsboosting energylosing weight and beating the bloat.Providing an opportunity to rest and reset is what we are doing for our body when we adopt a well-managed intermittent fasting plan, because asking our system to be ever alert is equally as unfair as suggesting you go for a walk instead of going to bed in the evening. In doing so we increase metabolic efficiency, balance energy levels and actually differentiate between what true hunger and habitual hunger is.

A great alternative if you've been considering a juice cleanse and are looking to lose weight but want something more filling. As with all packages flavour is key, and the balance of juices and meals will keep you sustained throughout the day.

 Highly recommended for people with elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure and those suffering from auto immune diseases.

The 20 Days Whole Body Reset Plan is ideal for rejiggering not-so-great eating habits or reintroducing good food into your diet after a weekend or a holiday.


Keeps you fuller for longer with more energy to train during weight loss.

Provides you with a full injection of antioxidants.

Keeps your body warmer, which helps burn more calories & reduces cranky cravings.

Reduces body fat and reduces your body’s cravings for process food.

It is a weight loss plan that supports the body’s innate detoxification And soup is a good way to deliver nutrients, as the food does not have to be digested and it’s easier on the digestive system.


This is how the Plan may look like. Please note that the plan will change in case we are doing all the 20 days at a stretch or 5 days a week only. The plan may also change in case there are certain health conditions or if the goal will be specific. Its best to get an advise from the Client Service Team so that they create a tailor made plan for you.

Week 1
Day 1 and 2Low glycemic juice cleanse. 

Day 3 - Day 5-Low sugar soup and juice detox.- The plan includes 3 alkaline juices and 3 soups. Soups are excellent for weight loss and they are low glycemic . This enables steady weight loss whilst the alkaline juices cleanse the body. 

Week 2
Day 1- Supergreen juice cleanse- The plan includes 6 alkaline juices each day. The principle is to make the body alkaline as Juice Cleanses work on the concept of Raw food diet. Each day you we consume close to 8 kilos of raw plants . The whole process makes the body very alkaline and cleanses it completely. 
Day 2- Day 4- High weight loss Skinny plan.- The plan includes 1 alkaline juice and 5 soups. Soups are excellent for weight loss and they are low on glycemic scale . This enables steady weight loss whilst the alkaline juice cleanses the body.  Plus there are 3 Immunity booster shots which can be had any time in between. 

Week 3
Day 1Super green juice cleanse. One of the most intense cleanse with 6 green juices. The plan can be altered a bit as the calorie count is only 350. By the time we are on Week 3, the body is ready for a hard cleanse. 
Day 2- Day 5Full body Reset. The plan includes a turmeric root shot early morning on empty stomach to cleanse the body. For women , green juices work the best and hence the morning breakfast shake is replaced with a green juice. Soups are there for lunch and dinner. Broth is mid after noon snack as it is very  low in calories. 

Week 4
Day 1Ayurveda juice detox A healing juice cleanse with the oldest herbs on the planet to revive and nourish you internally. Herbs like Neem, Holy basil, Ashwagandha, Turmeric are included once again to reset the body after the weekend.
Day 2- Day 5- Gut Reset Plan with Salads and Crackers with Cold Pressed juice or a shake for break fast and soup for dinner. Introduction of solids is in the end as it may slow down the detox process in certain cases. 

If deliveries are delayed please eat something plant based.

How do I prepare for my cleanse?

How to bounce back after cleanse?

Before doing any plan with us, we will send you a questionnaire to check if the selected plan is right one . Many times we need a thorough cleaning before we start any plan. Your selected plan may then be altered to a mix of a few plans or a completely different plan than what you chose. Please go ahead and order the plan, still, allow us to send you a questionnaire.


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